Automobile Industries

For over 50 years New Krishna Metal Arts has partnered with the Automotive Industry to design and supply compliant automotive labels. Our experience ranges from industry standard instruction labels, to Multi coloured Body Graphic decals – designed to withstand mechanical, chemical and climatic exposure.

We supply labels and nameplates for various automotive applications including, 2D & 3D badges, security & Large Format decal VIN Plates, compliance plates and engine parts labels. Our automotive label experts have years of experience working with leading automotive brands and will be happy to discuss any project requirements you may have. For more information regarding automotive labels or any other label types please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Home Appliances Industries

Established more than over 50 years ago, New Krishna Metal is an industry leader in the printing and manufacturing of self-adhesive labels for Home Appliances like Refrigerator, Washing Machines, Air Conditioners & other White Goods.

Our family-run business is focused on providing high quality and affordable labels, Over the years, New Krishna has worked with a vast range of clients. We are proud to have been supplying all kinds of Branding Labels to Major OEM’S in India & Abroad.

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